Cycle A Sermons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Based on the Gospel Texts
John B. Jamison

The 14 sermons in Be Different are based on Gospel texts with concentrations from Matthew. Sermons follow the Revised Common, Lutheran, and Catholic lectionaries.

These homilies as well as the others in this collection are suitable for assistance in sermon preparation, personal and group study and reflection as well for use as personal devotions.

Sermons for Pentecost Sunday through Thanksgiving
Dave Zuchelli and Richard A. Hasler
This collection of sermons will provide you with new insights into familiar texts and give you relatable illustrations that will connect with listeners. These sermons can be used as is or to jump start your own message every week through the end of November.

Based on Gospel and Second Readings in Cycle C
Schuyler Rhodes, Mark Ellingsen
These model sermons will bolster your preaching, reduce your preparation time and, more importantly, help to encourage and enhance the faith of your parishioners.

Daily Prayer for Orthodox Christians
Robert Peterson

You can weave prayer into your life and through prayer grow in your understanding of God and your relationship to Him. This book can be particularly helpful to someone coming to Orthodoxy from another background.

Series III, Cycle A
Keith Hewitt
If you’re looking for imaginative reflections that take you right to the heart of the scriptures, the newest edition of CSS’ popular Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching series is the perfect resource for you.

Prayers of the Church
Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson
This volume will be a lifesaver for any busy pastor who struggles to keep all of the balls in the air with the ever-increasing demands of being a parish pastor. The prayers in this book can be used as is or modified to local situations — a real time-saver that will make weekly worship planning a little easier (and more enjoyable).

A Children's Sermon Compilation for the Lent and Easter Seasons for Cycle B
Compiled and Edited by Bruce Batchelor-Glader
This new volume is a perfect companion for all pastors with any amount of experience. Whether you've been delivering children's sermons for years or you're new to the task, A Surprise Ending! will help you involve and teach the children of your congregation (and the adults, too!) in fun and interesting ways.

Sermons for Lent / Easter Based on Gospel and Second Lesson Texts
April Yamasaki, Ronald H. Love
These Gospel and Second Lesson sermons be handy for illustrations and will generate new ideas for your own sermons. This package is a great way to start off your sermon writing for Ash Wednesday through The Ascension.

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Cycle A Sermons Based on Gospel & Second Lesson Texts (Advent-Easter only for Second Lesson Sermons)
John B. Jamison, April Yamasaki, William G. Carter, Steven Molin, Charley Reeb, Ronald H. Love
This collection of sermons will provide you with ideas, illustrations, and approaches to Cycle A Gospel and Second Lesson texts. (Seond Lesson Sermons only cover Advent through Easter.)

Retail Price: $79.85 (Save $29.90)
Commentary, Stories, and Prayers
Jill Duffield, Keith Hewitt, Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson
This package of resources will help you gain insight from new and different perspectives. Using these books will give you confidence and enthusiasm all year long.