Lectionary Devotional for Cycle B
Stephen P. McCutchan
We all need sustenance for our spiritual journey, and there's no better source of nourishment than reading God's Word. In these pages, McCutchan helps you fill your cup with a refreshing drink from the Almighty's streams of living water. complete set of meditations, based on scripture texts from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, guides you

Inspiration for Christian Writers
Carol Rottman, Ph.D.
With more than 184 Christian writer’s groups and 155 conferences, thousands of writers are looking for encouragement and insight. Yet, every Christian who writes faces the same issue: finding daily inspiration and creativity.

Daily Reflections On The Advent Season
Richard E. Gribble
Those looking for a resource that will deepen and enrich their spiritual life during the Advent/Christmas season will find that resource here. These reflections will strengthen the reader’s mental preparation and will serve as a starling point for pr...

Christian Meditations For Lent
Larry D. Powell
”... simply written, easy to read and easy to understand.... [Larry D. Powell] writes of faith and love and commitment. He researches the history of the biblical passages, provides illustrations that bring them alive, asks questions that make the

Restarts, Mulligans, and Do-Overs
Christopher B. Wolf
In this book a young pastor extends his outstretched hand to those who have left the church, acknowledging their feelings of alienation, to walk with them in their search to find a way back to God.

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Daily Meditations for Advent & Christmas
Dean Feldmeyer (Editor), Mary Austin, Chris Keating, George Reed, Bethany Peerbolte, Tom Willadsen
This daily devotional for the seasons of Advent and Christmas will help to deepen your faith during a period that has become filled with frenetic activity and distractions in our contemporary world.