James Limburg
The oral tradition established by the Old Testament storytellers offers today's Christian readers an excellent format for a better understanding of our faith. James Limburg uses stories and storytelling to give the believing community new insights in

A Popular Introduction To Biblical Hermeneutics
Terence J. Keegan, O.P.
How Does One Understand And
Interpret The Bible?

This question has challenged people continuously over the ages. Various new approaches to biblical hermeneutics have arisen especially during the past two decades. Three rec

Three Pre-Easter Bible Studies
Bill Thomas

The Critical Questions... and More contains three separate Bible studies. Each study can assist in guiding an individual or a congregation through key scriptures during Lent. They dig deeper into the scriptures, offering alternate perspectives into the familiar texts of Lent and Holy Week, breathing new life into them. The studies featured in this collection are:
• The Critical Questions
• Who Do You Say He Is?
• "I Saw Jesus."

A Bible Study
John W. Clarke
Hope is a virtue we are born with, but that hope does not peek out at the world unless we feed it and allow it to grow. Hope allows us to live outside the lines, to face fear and cast it out, and to live life as a gift.

John W. Clarke has created a Bible study to fuel our hope. This ten-session study guides the reader toward a hope-filled life.

Following the Foosteps of Simon Peter
Forrest Chaffee
While each of the disciples played a part in Jesus' ministry and the formation of the early church, Simon Peter's role was more prominent than most. His ministry and influence are still felt in the church today. More Alive under the Shadow examines Peter's life as recorded in the New Testament, revealing valuable lessons for us today, such as forgiveness, boldness, loyalty, and acceptance. With

16 Brief Studies for Groups

Evangelization and the Subversive Memory of Jesus
Mortimer Arias
This book offers a program for Christian evangelism based on the teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

This is a superb resource volume for those wishing to test the soundness of their understanding and practice of Christian evange