He Is Coming Again
Rolf E. Aaseng

This book aims to help Christians evaluate the many conflicting ideas about the second coming by examining what the Bible actually says about it. 

Important reading any time of year, these four chapters especially lend themselves to an Advent Bible study for adult classes. Study questions for each chapter are provided at the back of the book. 

Biblical Guidance for More Powerful Preaching
David von Schlichten
Illuminated by the scriptures themselves, Words Fitly Spoken explores in-depth the nuances of the homiletic craft. From the proper use of hyperbole and imagery to methods for how to elaborate imaginatively on the scriptures, this is a comprehensive resource for pastors struggling with delivering effective sermons.

An Exploration Of The Use Of Drama In Story Sermons
Jerry Eckert
Have you ever wished you could find ways other than a monologue to express the Sunday sermon? This volume will help preachers who are seeking alternative forms for presenting the life-transforming power of the Gospel. It will also be useful to Sunday

The Romance Of Preaching
James W. Angell
This book is NOT a "how-to" text. It makes a unique contribution to the literature on preaching because of the way it brings a lifetime of preaching to bear on the challenges faced by all those who stand in contemporary pulpits.

It is written

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10 Books That Will Make You A Better Preacher
Mariann Edgar Budde, Barbara G. Schmitz, Larry Lange, William H. Shepherd, Jr., David G. Rogne, James Ayers, J. Will Ormond, Richard A. Jensen, Richard J. Coleman, David von Schlichten
CSS Publishing has a long history of providing resources that enable pastors like you to explore new ways of delivering the message of the Gospel. This package of preaching "how-tos" will help you explore refreshing ways to deliver your sermon each week.