Series VI, Cycle A
E. Carver McGriff
Welcome, new friend, to CSS Publishing Company's Lectionary Preaching Workbook, Series VI, Cycle A. As we look forward to our year together and as we come to grips with the words and teachings of the Holy Book, many thoughts are on my mind, some of which I should like to share with you. I have yet to know a brother or sister in this solemn calling of "preacher" who did not have some very definite ideas about preaching. Being no exception to this bent, I

Series III, Cycle B
George M. Bass
Practical preaching strategies to help the over-burdened parish pastor communicate God's Word in vital, meaningful ways.

This is the second volume in CSS's third series of popular preaching workbooks -- Designed to help you get the most out of every moment you spend in sermon preparation.

Special Features Include:
Commentary on Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Common lectionary texts
Sermon Starters for First Lesson, Second Lesson, and Gospel texts for every Sunday in Cycle B
"Theological Clues" to help you explore the relationships among all the texts for each Sunday

Series IX, Cycle C
Mark Ellingsen
I am very impressed with the way Dr. Ellingsen outlines this Lectionary Preaching Workbook... Here is a splendid workbook. It is rich in detail and theological insight. Ellingsen writes clearly, is sensitive to context, and widens [our] horizons... This book should be required reading for all pastors, seminary students, and other lay people who are involved in ministry with adults and youth.

Series IX, Cycle A
Mark Ellingsen

Dr. Ellingsen presents the preacher with a resource that deeply enriches weekly sermon preparation. Not only does he offer exegetical and theological information for the lections, but sermon topics, themes, and other resources as well… I also appreciate the resources that he offers at the beginning of the workbook: the review of the books of the Bible, a theological overview, as well as reviews of the various seasons of the church. Unlike so many lectionary resources that are grounded in the scriptures, Dr. Ellingsen incorporates a strong focus on the theological emphasis of the texts and context. I will definitely encourage the students to purchase this workbook.
Lucy Lind Hogan, Ph.D.
Hugh Latimer Elderdice Professor of Preaching and Worship
Wesley Theological Seminary
Washington DC

Retail Price: $118.75 (Save $78.88)
Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching
David Bales, Peter Andrew Smith, Robert C. Cochran, George Reed, Molly James
Make your job easier and save time with these preaching power tools. Prepare yourself with fresh approaches, imaginative illustrations and solid sermons every week through the end of November.

Series X, Cycle A
David O. Bales
David Bales' latest Lectionary Preaching Workbook: Series X, Cycle A invites teachers of the word to peer deep beneath the pages of scripture to consider broader perspectives and messages. Bales presents themes, summaries, exegesis, and a prayer, in each lectionary day, as resources to guide sermon development, always attempting to expose preachers to different perspectives and deeper knowledge.

Mary Austin, Mark Ellingsen, Keith Hewitt, Derl Keefer, Schuyler Rhodes, Dave Zuchelli, Richard A. Hasler, David O. Bales
This package of resources will help you gain insight from new and different perspectives. Using these books will give you confidence and enthusiasm all year long.