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Series IX, Cycle C
Mark Ellingson
I am very impressed with the way Dr. Ellingsen outlines this Lectionary Preaching Workbook... Here is a splendid workbook. It is rich in detail and theological insight. Ellingsen writes clearly, is sensitive to context, and widens [our] horizons... This book should be required reading for all pastors, seminary students, and other lay people who are involved in ministry with adults and youth.

Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching, Children's Stories and Worship Resources
David Bales, Susan Andrews, Peter Andrew Smith, Robert Cueni, Robert C. Cochran, George Reed, Molly James
Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic church year.

Background Briefs on Lectionary Texts
Norman A. Beck
This book provides guidelines and resources for homilies and sermons, worship planning, and Scripture study based on the texts in Year C (Cycle C) in The Revised Common Lectionary: Consultation on Common Texts (Nashville: Abingdon, 1992). It is a thoroughly revised and updated replacement for Norman A. Beck, Scripture Notes for

Commentaries for Cycle C
Wayne Brouwer, Timothy Cargal, David Kalas, Craig MacCreary, Rev. Dr. Mark J. Molldrem
For each Sunday in Cycle C, the writers and editors of "Charting the Course," an integral part of Emphasis: A Lectionary Preaching Journal from CSS Publishing Company, delve into the heart of the lectionary readings, providing you, the pastor with in-depth lectionary-based commentary; relating several fresh, solid ideas -- based squarely on the lectionary texts -- for creating sermons

Series II, Cycle A
William Keeney
Parables provide insights and lessons which are timeless. When they are employed in preaching the hearer receives images that are easy to remember. Preaching the Parables provides a means of communicating the teachings of Jesus for modern Christians.

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Cycle A -- New for 2013-14
Various Authors
Get everything you need for Cycle A in this package. You'll be better prepared and more confident in the pulpit than ever before. Included here are model Gospel sermons, stories for preaching, top-notch exegesis, practical / scholarly commentary, liturgical aids, and more.

Exegesis, Commentary, Preaching Suggestions, and Gospel Sermons for a Full Year
David O. Bales, Charley Reeb, John Jamison, Ron Lavin, Rick McCracken-Bennett, April Yamasaki
Get everything you need for Cycle B in this package. You'll be more thoroughly prepared and confident than ever before.

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Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching
David Bales, Peter Andrew Smith, Robert C. Cochran, George Reed, Molly James
Make your job easier and save time with these preaching power tools. Prepare yourself with fresh approaches, imaginative illustrations and solid sermons every week through the end of November.

Series II, Cycle B
Peter Andrew Smith
"A good story of faith … allows us to better see ourselves and our relationships while offering to us an opportunity to consider and know God. We enter into the story and emerge a different person." – Peter Andrew Smith

Restaurant workers closing up for the night do their duty to prepare the store for the morning crew, despite their impatience to leave. An elderly man finds hope and encouragement in a congregation where he never quite felt like he belonged.

These are the simple, quiet vignettes Smith offers in his third collection of stories.Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching: Series II, Cycle Bis inspired by the details Jesus draws from everyday life in the Gospel of Mark. Likewise, Smith delves into the ordinary to explore the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit alive from moment to moment today.

Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching is an accessible collection of stories ideal for inviting both experienced disciples and those young in the Christian faith alike to discover the Lord yet at work where and when we least expect Him.

Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel
Brand Eaton
The sermons of So that You May Believe: Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel employ a variety of homiletic strategies and form, including sermon-in-verse, first-person narrative, parabolic storytelling, and an example of Puritan "plain sermon." The sermons are theologically sound, engaging, and instructive for exploring various sermon constructions and preaching approaches. Teachers of homiletics and biblical interpretation can employ the book as a secondary resource offering examples of unique strategies for interpreting and teaching the gospel.

So that You May Believe seeks to communicate the theological themes of the gospel according to John while broadening the reader's approach to interpreting the gospel. The sermons offer a fresh way of hearing the gospel proclamation and can help to rejuvenate the creativity of those charged with the weekly presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ.