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Six Worship Resources For Holy Week
Are you looking for fresh, vibrant material for Holy Week worship? Do you want your congregation to experience the unforgettable drama of Jesus' suffering, so that they more fully appreciate the celebration and joy of Easter? If so, then you'll want

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Volume 1
Janice B. Scott
Because I believe that God is in every part of life but does not intrude unless invited, these stories follow a similar pattern. That is, they are about God and Christianity, but they do not intrude unless invited. Above all, they are for enjoyment, because that too is what I believe about God -- that God should be enjoyed.

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18 Special Worship Celebrations
Cynthia E. Cowen
God is constantly adding ingredients to our life of faith and creating a wonderful mixture of faith, hope and trust in Jesus. (from A Feast Of Worship)

As a quilt wraps us up in the warmth of its cover, we thank God and mothers for

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Series I, Cycle B
Cathy A Ammlung, Stephen Crotts, Paul Flesner, Robert a Noblett, David G. Rogne
Filled with wit, insight, and inspiration, this anthology includes sermons for each Sunday and major celebration throughout the Christian year based on Gospel Readings from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary. The thoughtful and imaginative messages from preachers across the denominational spectrum proclaim the Good News in today's language -- helping readers apply the lessons of scripture

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Readers' Theater For Easter
Lynda Pujado
The Trials Of Christ is a readers’ theater presentation involving six people. It requires little rehearsal and no memorization.

The narrative is biblically based and provides a captivating message for Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

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Creatively Developing Biblical Story Sermons
Larry Lange
Outlines an innovative process for retelling biblical stories that utilizes fictional elements and contexts yet remains faithful to the scriptural text. Several creative and homiletical issues are comprehensively examined, and six sample sermons are included to illustrate various aspects of this process at work. Inject exciting new life into the old, old story with this primer for developing dramatic sermons that touch hearts and minds and souls.

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Readers' Theater For Good Friday
Katherine Bailey Babb
Gathering At Golgotha provides a simple yet dramatic way for a group of readers to present the human drama at the heart of Jesus’ arrest, trial, and crucifixion by focusing on the emotions of those with whom Jesus was most intimate. Including

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Devotional Guides For Lent And Holy Week
Robert C. Bankhead
Based on scripture passages from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus’ Lonely Road includes two devotional guides for personal meditation and prayers during Lent. The first section covers Ash Wednesday through Passion Sunday, focusing on Jesus’ jo...

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A Good Friday Service
Marie A. Asner
Tenebrae For Modern Times combines scripture, contemporary language, and prose poetry in an innovative setting. Within the framework of a standard worship service, short reflections by six apostles are echoed by the musings of six contemporary

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Lenten Sermons Comparing Jesus And Job
Wallace H. Kirby
These seven sermons will penetrate the hearts and souls of every listener ... because each one of us has been touched by the tragic side of life. Like Job, everyone sitting in a church pew has at one time or another screamed for a reason why, or e