The Miracles Of Jesus And Their Flip Side
Cycles A, B, And C
Jerry L. Schmalenberger

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ISBN: 0788017101
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Pages: 98
The miracles of Jesus are some of the most striking passages in the New Testament -- they bring the power of God "up close and personal" by dramatically rearranging human situations and teaching us great spiritual truths. But how can we translate the sometimes arcane historical content of the miracle stories in a way that will be meaningful to contemporary sensibilities?

Jerry Schmalenberger has come up with an original solution in these 13 well-crafted sermons on miracle stories contained in the Revised Common Lectionary. Using the analogy of old 45 rpm records which were usually released with a "hit" side and a "flip" side, Schmalenberger shares a structure for presenting the miracles in narrative form. He initially focuses on the traditional approach to each miracle (the "A" or "hit" side), and then offers a fresh look at the "other side of the story" (the "B" or "flip" side). Schmalenberger's punch, contemporary language, and narrative style produce hard-hitting and inspirational messages that offer a unique twist in the interpretation of these fascinating stories.

Jerry L. Schmalenberger has taught speech and communication at Wittenberg University and Urbana College and was a parish pastor for 29 years, serving some of the nation's largest Lutheran congregations. Recently retired as professor of parish ministry and president of Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Berkeley, California, he now serves as a Global Mission Volunteer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Schmalenberger has preached and taught throughout the world, most recently teaching with the faculty of the Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. Schmalenberger has also taught at seminaries in Germany, Jamaica, Argentina, Surinam, Indonesia, and Liberia. A graduate of Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology in Springfield, Ohio (where he received his D.Min. degree), Schmalenberger was honored by Wittenberg with a D.Div. degree.