Living Vertically
Gospel Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle C
John Brittain

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During the season of Lent and especially around Easter, many people think about the life and times of Jesus, thanks partly to the glut of biblical epics on television. But the truth is that many of us bracket the biblical narrative off from our everyday life. "If I had lived in Bible times ... if I had seen the miracles ..." We make the Thomas mistake of imagining that seeing is believing.... The Holy Spirit enables us -- no, it compels us -- to see as Jesus saw and do as Jesus did. Believing is seeing: the gift of the Holy Spirit allows us to really comprehend what is going on around us and understand the positive role God wants us to play. (from Easter 2 sermon, "Believing Is Seeing")

Through fascinating anecdotes and stories drawn from his experience as a campus minister, John Brittain applies the Gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary to contemporary life. His powerful and insightful messages proclaim the good news in everyday situations -- they'll hold listeners' attention from beginning to end.

Titles include:
And Now The News -- Luke 13:1-9
A Tale Of Two Crosses -- Luke 22:14-23:56
Believing Is Seeing -- John 20:19-31
How Can They Do That? -- John 14:23-29
Christo-centric Or Ego-centric? -- John 17:20-26
... and more!

John N. Brittain is the Chaplain at the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, he has also earned degrees from Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio (M.Div.) and St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore, Maryland (D.Min.). Brittain has worked with generations of young adults during 20+ years in campus ministry as well as on many mission projects in the urban U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Russia, and Africa. He is the author of The Backside Of God (CSS).