Look It Up - In The Bible
Book 3: Dreamers, Feelings, Hands, Numbers
Susan E. Babler

Price: $15.95

ISBN: 0788025015
Size: 8.5 x 5.5
Pages: 152
Look It Up — in the Bible — Book 3 is the final installment in this trilogy for getting children interested in the scriptures, so their Bibles get used rather than collecting dust on the shelf. Structured in a convenient format that stimulates curiosity, this volume encourages young people to memorize verses and become more familiar with the scriptures by having them look in the Bible to find answers to a wide variety of questions. One side of each page asks a question, provides a clue, and includes a Bible reference that children can look up on their own or with the aid of an adult; then on the other side of the page they can see the answer highlighted along with the Bible verse containing it. There are over 60 questions and answers divided into 4 themed categories (dreamers, feelings, hands, and numbers). Also included are easily reproducible pages with featured Bible verses, so that paper copies with the verse printed on them can be given to each child in a group. Look It Up — in the Bible — Book 3 is a valuable learning tool for Sunday school teachers, homeschooling parents, and Christian elementary schools — it's a great way to pique children's interest and help them learn that the Bible is filled with fascinating stories, characters, and lessons.

Susan E. Babler is a mother, Sunday school teacher, and former kindergarten teacher who resides in Barron, Wisconsin, where she is an active member of First Lutheran Church. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire.