God's New Possibility
Sermons For Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Based On The Gospel Texts For Cycle A
James L. Killen Jr.

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ISBN: 0788027085
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 138

God's New Possibility reflects upon the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, unpacking the truths of a divine hope ushered into the world through the infant Christ. In seventeen sermons, James L. Killen Jr. reminds us that we serve a living and breathing God, one who became visible through Jesus and remains tangible through His Church. This is the evidence of a heavenly kingdom manifested through God's all-consuming presence and redemptive call -- a kingdom that offers a "new possibility here for us in each present moment of our lives."

The rich narratives of holy love found within the pages of Killen's sermons remain emphatic: God's love is not waiting for us at the borders of heaven; rather, He has already unleashed his redeeming love upon His world, and it is a love that calls all who proclaim His son as Lord and Savior to take an active role in spreading the good news of salvation.

James L. (Jim) Killen Jr. is a retired pastor of the United Methodist Church. After a 45-year career, Jim extended his ministry into retirement through prison ministry, interim ministries, teaching, and writing. Jim taught classes in preaching and in Biblical Studies in pastor's schools. He has written several books, including three published by CSS. He is a past contributor to The Immediate Word and other parts of the CSS Publishing online pastor's resource SermonSuite (sermonsuite.com. He holds degrees from the University of Houston (B.S. History and Philosophy) and Perkin's School of Theology at S.M.U. (B.D., D.Min.).