Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching
Series III, Cycle A
Keith Hewitt

Price: $27.95

ISBN: 0788029622
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 268
Storytellers who excel at their craft can draw readers or listeners into the worlds they create, using characters and situations to entertain and enlighten us. Jesus, the master storyteller, often spoke using parables — short stories that conveyed spiritual truths. By drawing his listeners into his stories, he unlocked their minds and hearts to hear the truth he was relating to them.

If you’re looking for imaginative reflections that take you right to the heart of the scriptures, the newest edition of CSS’ popular Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching series is the perfect resource for you.

Some of the stories can easily be adapted as vignettes or monologues, to be performed during worship. Depending upon the age of the students, other stories could be used in Sunday school as alternative texts to get students thinking about a particular passage in different ways.

This book may be used for:
• Preaching illustrations
• Sermon starters
• Stand-alone sermons
• Teaching aids
• Inspirational devotional reading

Keith Hewitt has a wide variety of experiences. Prior to pastoring United Methodist congregations in Wisconsin, he was employed in various capacities at Underwriters Laboratories and several social service agencies. Hewitt holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay and completed Local Pastor Licensing School through the Illinois Great Rivers Conference at Illinois Wesleyan University. He continues his theological studies at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. He is the author of three volumes of NaTiVity Dramas (CSS Publishing), Krasnodar Means Beautiful Gift (Kindle Direct Publishing) and has contributed to StoryShare, a component of the online resource SermonSuite (CSS Publishing). He is married to Rachel, an elementary teacher and is the father of Cameron Lucille Hewitt and Andrew Courtland Alexandrovich Hewitt.