Funeral Frames
Stories to Capture A Life Well Lived
Richard E. Zajac

Price: $17.95

ISBN: 0788030701
Size: 6x9
Pages: 146
Recognizing the power of stories, Richard Zajac wrote this book as a resource to pastors with grievers in mind. The relatable, Christ-centered stories will help the preacher (or eulogizer) make a connection with the family and friends of the deceased.

When reflecting back on a person’s life, it is imperative that the words of a friend not only comfort the family members, but also pay respect to the life that had been lived. However, it is doubly important to not be repetitive with illustrations, especially when the congregants come to multiple funerals for their church family.

After meeting with the deceased’s family and learning the type of person that they were, Zajac encourages pastors or anyone entrusted by the family to eulogize, to search through the illustrations for one that accurately depicts the impact that the deceased had on the world and on those they were forced to leave behind.

At the beginning of each chapter is a brief instruction of how the story or illustration that immediately follows might be used in your homily. Then Zajac gives an example of how he used that illustration. The closing illustrations are meant to stand alone, but may well be used to underline an aspect of the deceased’s life that should be underlined or which hadn’t been mentioned earlier in the eulogy.

A useful Scripture Index is included that also contains suggestions for use.

Richard Zajac lives in Buffalo, New York, a celibate priest. He earned his BA in Philosophy and Master of Divinity from St. John Vianney Seminary in New York. He is currently the president of the Parochial Baseball League, as well as a Board of Directors member for the Catholic Medical Partners and Amherst Meals on Wheels Inc. In his free time, Zajac enjoys reading, watching sports, and coaching baseball.