Faith Victorious
An Introduction to Luther's Theology
Lennart Pinomaa

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ISBN: 0788099043
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 228
In Faith Victorious Pinomaa presents a highly lucid and penetrating discussion of some of the major themes in the theology of the great Reformer. Numerous quotations from Luther himself enliven the treatment of such subjects as revelation, redestination, justification, the ministry, and the sacraments. In addition to presenting the results of his own research, the author provides skillful resumes of some of the leading recent studies on such controversial problems and emphases as the bondage of the will, the wrath of God, the Spirit and the Word, marriage, vocation, and church and state.

Throughout his book Pinomaa is concerned to show the existential character of faith in Luther's understanding and how that is determinative for all that is involved in being a Christian.

Lennart Pinomma was Professor of Theology at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Widely known in ecumenical circles for his Luther research, Pinomma wrote this book as a result of a series of lectures he delivered at what is now the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota.