Penguin Principles, The
A Survival Manual For Clergy Seeking Maturity In Ministry
David S. Belasic

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ISBN: 0895367998
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 83
Question: Why is a parish pastor like a penguin?


Penguins have a way of looking dignified and ridiculous simultaneously.
Penguins are sensitive to heat.
Penguins have treacherous enemies.
Penguins are relatively defenseless.
Penguins have a homing instinct.
No matter what happens to penguins, they keep their heads high.
(from the Authors' Preface)

While the surgeon-general has yet to rule publicly on this matter, the evidence suggests that reading this book could be injurious to the professional health and the personality of those pastors who are without fault; who have never had a parishioner or a denominational official or a seminary professor lay a guilt trip on them; and who find it painful to laugh at themselves.
Lyle E. Schaller
Yokefellow Institute
(from the Foreword)

I believe this book will be a balm to veterans in the pastoral office and will help new clergy avoid many of the pitfalls that lie hidden in the path ...
Paul A. Weber
President, Ohio District, LCMS

David S. Belasic is pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church and school, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Paul M. Schmidt serves Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Spokane, Washington. Friends and colleagues for many years, they have also co-authored The Gospel According to You.