A Young Teen Talks With God
Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Anyone who is (or who ever has been) 13 will identify with Leslie’s struggles to make sense of her family, her faith, her own thoughts, and the world. Through her letters to God, Leslie deals with questions as big as the very nature of God and as

A Study Guide For Young People
Patti Thisted Arthur
This colorful booklet will help fifth graders and other new communicants recognize the mystery and miracle of Holy Communion while celebrating the gift it brings. The contents make a theologically difficult topic more understandable and joyful.

A Survey Of The Old Testament For High School Groups
Katherine Bailey Babb
”Anything but the Bible!” -- that was the attitude of Katherine Bailey Babb’s high school age Sunday School class. When she realized just how ignorant these teenagers were of some of the basic background of the faith they professed, Babb creat...

Advent Drama For Youth
Linda M. Goens
Angel At McDonald's is a provocative drama that is a striking parable about belief in something that seems impossible and the courage to do what God commands. Two young women who are decorating a community center in an underprivileged n

A Thanksgiving Play For Youth
Raymond I. Keffer
All of us have lost family members, friends, and people who influenced our lives. Although we cannot physically bring these people back to life, they can and do continue to live in our minds, our thoughts, and our dreams. The Empty Chair

Youth Meditations for Grades 5 Through 8
Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Being a "tween" — it can be a very awkward time in anyone's life. You're not a full-fledged teenager with cars, dates, and high school, but you're not a little child anymore, either. You can still feel pulls in both directions, wanting to be a child and have fun, yet wanting

A Drama For Today's Youth
Diane King
W.W.J.D. (What Would Jesus Do?) is a youth drama which addresses the struggles young people face when they attempt to deal with peer pressure while being true to their faith. Young people and adults who see this play will walk away determined

A Junior High Christmas Program
Marion Fairman
This dramatic Christmas program may be used during the Christmas season for any occasion in which Junior High youth are to take part.

The staging is simple.

The play involves three older teens or young adults and ten to twenty Junior

A Christmas Pageant For Youth Of All Ages
Georgianna Summers
This delightful Christmas pageant includes speaking, reading, and non-reading parts for all the children in your congregation. Pre-schoolers, younger children, older youth, and their adult audience will all enjoy exploring a variety of charming Chris...

Communion Dramas For Youth
Gary W. Fehring
Dinner With The King engages young people through creative, down-to-earth settings that draw from important biblical images and theological understandings of Holy Communion. These chancel dramas are imaginative, playful, and allow for wide