True Funny Stories From Church Life
Al Fasol

Dozens of stories like these fill this heart-warming collection of humorous tales, serving as a pleasant reminder that following Jesus is a joy-filled experience. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition delivers timeless joy for old, young, and everyone in between and leaves readers with a tremendous reserve of hilarious and contagious joy.

409 Bits Of Humor For Preachers, Teachers, And Public Speakers
Walter M. Buescher
An extensive index will make this book of humor one of the most useful resources in your library. All of the key words in every story are in the index. The preacher, teacher or public speaker will have no difficulty finding the exact bit of humor nee

Plus Other Humorous Stories
Hoover Rupert
God made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair.
Subject: Baldness

A certain church was taking a missionary offering. As the plate was passed to one dour-/aced man, he growled, ”I don’t believe in missions.” The ush...

Anecdotes, Poems, And Parables From The Lighter Side Of Church Life
Charles W. Byrd
Enter this provocative collection of inspirational and often amusing anecdotes, one-liners, poems, and parables, and share in the ”Inspirations of Artichokes” and ”The Strength of a Child,” learn to recognize ”A Living Thief” and a ”Burma Buddhist,”

But You Sure Do Sing Like One
Paul A. Corcoran
Here are candid observations and quips from a minister with over 35 years experience. These 36 delightful essays will be instantly recognized by anyone who serves a parish ministry.

Consider ...
You can never hide the fact that you are a

A Treasury Of Blunders And Bloopers From Church Bulletins And Newsletters
Linda M. Jump
To err is human. Fortunately, so is the ability to laugh at our mistakes. And this collection of actual bloopers and blunders from church newsletters, bulletins, and pulpits across the country will keep you laughing for a long time to come.


Robert E. Segerhammar
... There seemed to be no way for poor Pastor Pulpitpounder to stir his little flock until one day, when his voice rose higher and higher, and his straight nose seemed to get straighter and straighter and he rose taller and taller on his long feet

True Life Stories from an Imaginary Town (Revised)
Michael Pearson
Looking for delightful and heartwarming stories that present familiar spiritual truths in new and delightful ways? Then you'll definitely enjoy this collection of brief parables in the form of humorous letters sent to Pastor Mike from a fictional parishioner. The letters chronicle a five-year time frame in the life of the small town of "Maybe,"