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Sermons, Commentary, Stories, and Prayers
Jill Duffield, David O. Bales, Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson, John B. Jamison, Dean Feldmeyer, Bonnie Bates, Wayne Brouwer, Scott A. Bryte, Kimberly Miller van Driel
This package of resources will help you gain insight from new and different perspectives. Using these books will give you confidence and enthusiasm all year long.

Prayers of the Church
Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson
This volume will be a lifesaver for any busy pastor who struggles to keep all of the balls in the air with the ever-increasing demands of being a parish pastor. The prayers in this book can be used as is or modified to local situations — a real time-saver that will make weekly worship planning a little easier (and more enjoyable).

A Resource For Pastors
Rolland R. Reece
Here is a resource for pastors, Sunday school teachers, or any church or worship leaders who need to pray on behalf of a congregation, class, or group, yet realize as the time draws near that they can't quite find the right words.

Rolland Ree

A Service, Prayers, And Bible Readings
Eva Juliuson
No one truly knows how vital prayers can be to mental, physical, and spiritual health until they find themselves seriously ill. While people will often say that they are praying for those who need healing, what is really needed is for someone to pray

Communion And Offering Prayers
Wava M. Burt
The inspiring prayers in Sustained To Serve open a window into the presence of the living Christ in our ordinary daily activities. Originally created for use during the communion and offering parts of worship services, these heartfelt p

Devotions For Rehearsals
Fred H. Wilkins
In the rush to prepare for weekly rehearsals, does it sometimes seem as if your choir isn't always focused on why they are there? Inspiration For The Choir offers 40 attention-getting devotions that are a wonderful way to precede the wa

Prayers For All Seasons
Gary R. Weaver
Gary Weaver says that ”prayer is part poetry, part free-association, and part love letter to God. When spoken, it is the most intimate, sacred speech we utter. When written down, it becomes a diary of the heart.” And that’s a perfect description of t...

Brief Choir Prayers
Fred H. Wilkins
In the rush to prepare for Sunday morning's service, does it sometimes seem as if the choir isn't always focused on the reason why they are there? Increase your choir's commitment to God by sharing some of these heartfelt devotions with them before t

Communion Prayers for the Church Year and Pastoral Occasions
Peter Andrew Smith
Make your celebration of the Lord's Supper flow together with music and other liturgical elements with this stimulating collection of communion prayers. Peter Andrew Smith incorporates imagery and themes from lectionary scripture texts, church seasons, and special pastoral

An Exploration Of Prayer
John R. Brokhoff
Is it humanly possible to pray like Jesus?
Since God knows what we need even before we pray, why bother to pray?
To what extent does one’s relationship with God affect one’s prayers?
With questions like these, John Brokhoff takes you on a