Communion Dramas For Youth
Gary W. Fehring
Dinner With The King engages young people through creative, down-to-earth settings that draw from important biblical images and theological understandings of Holy Communion. These chancel dramas are imaginative, playful, and allow for wide

12 Sermons For The Lord's Supper
Burton F. Blair
The Christ Who Is Hidden is a compilation of sermons that are biblically and theologically grounded, well-structured homiletically and helpful to preacher and laypersons in discerning the presence and love of God. With passion and sensitivi

Thirteen Communion Messages
R. E. Lybrand
What can the busy pastor say that has not already been said before, when the congregation gathers to share the Sacrament of the Altar? What new meanings and insights about this special Meal ought to be imparted before the breaking of the bread and...

14 Sermons On The Lord's Supper
Charles E. Link
When you come to his table, Jesus wants it to be a time for positive change, as it was for Zacchaeus, hopefully for the Pharisee and for the disciples. This is where the food is. This is the gate of heaven. Sense his presence here, respond to it in