Three-Year Record Keeper For Lectionary Users
Gloria M. Meurant
”At last! A practical planning tool for use by those responsible for implementing corporate worship! There’s just enough information to get you in the mood of each liturgical season, then lots and lots of suggestions for creative and exciting wors...

Series IV, Cycle A
James R. Wilson
Call to Worship, Collect, Prayer of Confession, and three suggested hymns based on each lectionary text (First Lesson, Second Lesson, Gospel) are provided for every Sunday of the year in cycle A. Additional non-lectionary days such as All Saints, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Worldwide Communion Sunday, and parent's days are also included.

Series V, Cycle A
Dallas A. Brauninger
This handy worship resource provides pastors and worship planners with a worship theme for each of the three scriptural texts for each Sunday and major observance in Cycle A. Also included for each First Lesson, Second Lesson, and Gospel text are Call to Worship, Collect, Prayer of Confession, and Hymn Suggestions. An index lists hymn tunes, hymn titles, and the worship hymnals they are drawn from.

Dallas A. Brauninger, a graduate of Albion

Scriptures For The Lectionary Speaking Choir, Cycle A
Dallas A. Brauninger
Dallas Brauninger offers all who plan Sunday services of worship rich varieties of uses of one lectionary passage for every Sunday: a variety of voices and groupings of voices, and a variety of settings within the service of worship itself, from c...

Margy Nelson
Thousands of Lutheran pastors, worship planners, parish organists, and music directors have already found Scriptural And Topical Indices To LBW (CSS No.5811) by Paul E. Schuessler, Thomas R. Bartsch, and David P. Rebeck to be an invaluable pla...

Cycle A
Robert S. Jarboe
Building on his previous best-selling volumes of Services for the Advent Wreath, Robert Jarboe offers a wide selection of flexible worship resources that put the Advent candles firmly in the context of the day's scripture readings. There are complete orders of service based on each Cycle A lectionary text for every Sunday in Advent, as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Series II, Cycle A
Wayne H. Keller
The most impressive thing about Wayne Keller's body of ideas for worship through the Christian Year is his boldness. He is bold in demanding that we, his colleagues in liturgical leadership, plan worship which has to do with the reality of our congregations' experience in the world, rather than just lead people through a proper agenda of acts and words which have no bearing on what we do the rest of the week. He is bold in challenging us to bring that real

Commentaries For Cycle A
In this special edition for the Sundays in Lent and Easter of Cycle A, the writers and editors of "Charting the Course," an integral part of Emphasis: A Lectionary Preaching Journal from CSS Publishing Company, delve into the heart of the lectionary readings, providing you, the pastor with in-depth lectionary-based commentary; relating several fresh, solid ideas -- based squarely on the lectionary texts -- for creating sermons that speak powerfully to your audience.

Series V, Cycle A
D.J. Dent / Linda R. Holcombe
This is a collection of creative, cohesive worship ideas tied to the Revised Common Lectionary. This book is dedicated to the idea of embracing a common set of scriptures and bringing them to life in new and meaningful ways. The text is rooted in and bound to the text of the Bible for its source language, story, and metaphor. This will aid anyone in the preparation and leadership of worship in the Christian tradition.

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Sermons, Exegesis/Commentary, Stories for Preaching, and Worship Resources
David Bales, D.J. Dent, Linda R. Holcombe, Peter Andrew Smith, Dean Feldmeyer, David G. Plant, Marian R. Plant, R. Kevin Mohr, Roy W. Howard, Albert G. Butzer, III
Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic church year.