Guy Stewart
Guy Stewart, a science teacher for fifteen years, combines his love for science with his love for the Lord to create children's messages that they will not soon forget. Presented in a light, bantering, and informational style, each presentation uses

A Study Guide For Young People
Patti Thisted Arthur
This colorful booklet will help fifth graders and other new communicants recognize the mystery and miracle of Holy Communion while celebrating the gift it brings. The contents make a theologically difficult topic more understandable and joyful.

A Children's Christmas Program
Cynthia E. Cowen
This charming program features a dialogue between Christmas Message and Lost Soul, two news correspondents on the scene at the hills of Bethlehem the night of Jesus' birth. They keep the flow going as all the familiar Christmas carols are sung and yo

Children's Sermons
James  W. Kemp
Children are the future of the church -- and pastors are always on the lookout for creative ideas for ”children’s time.” Because abstract concepts are so difficult for children (and many adults) to grasp, it’s very important to use simple, concrete m...

Christmas Pageants
Doris Wells Miller
So you've just been asked to put together your church's Christmas pageant -- are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don't worry ... let Doris Wells Miller show you how this ministry can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all concerned. In additi

A Collection Of Congregational Resources For Advent/Christmas
Elaine M. Ward, R. H. Thompson, David H. Covington, Janet K. Gardner, Rochelle M. Pennington, Mary Connealy, Cynthia E. Cowen, Stan Purdum
This anthology provides an ample selection of seasonal worship, drama, and children's resources by popular authors from a variety of denominations. Whatever your congregation's size or worship style, you're sure to find something in Christmas T

Children's Sermons And Activity Pages For Lent And Easter
Julia E. Bland
One of the most striking representations of Jesus in the scriptures is that of a shepherd. Based on John 10’s statement that He is the Good Shepherd, this series of eight lessons teaches youngsters of Jesus’ unfailing love and care (even to the point

86 Messages For Children
Elaine M. Ward
Jesus told stories, and the scriptures are the sacred story of God and his people ... and since children love stories as well, what could be a more appropriate way to plant the seeds of faith than with stories? This outstanding collection provides 86

Three Plays For Youth
Rebecca Bergey
When the Senior High Sunday School class at Saint John Center Lutheran Church in East Earl, Pennsylvania, couldn’t find a Christmas play to suit their needs, they decided to write and perform their own. Their play was so well received that in succeed...

Eight Children's Sermons With Activity Pages
Julia E. Bland
Children learn that Jesus is their Lord and develop Christian character through attention-getting pictures and rhyming words in this book of children's sermons and activity pages from the prolific pen of Julia Bland. Like all of her other popular CSS