How to Resolve 10 Common Conflicts and Reduce their Frequency
Marty Trammell, Ph.D. and Rich Rollins, Ph.D
Everyone has conflicts in their everyday lives, here is a way to find solutions to the most common conflicts and reduce their frequency.

Restarts, Mulligans, and Do-Overs
Christopher B. Wolf
In this book a young pastor extends his outstretched hand to those who have left the church, acknowledging their feelings of alienation, to walk with them in their search to find a way back to God.

Dan Taddeo

Scripture Servings for Spiritual Strength is a uniquedaily devotional because it contains no commentary or application save the convictionof the Scriptures themselves upon the heart of the reader.  With over 260relevant topics containing more than 2,700 biblical passages spread outover 366 pages, you will find plenty to nourish your daily appetite

Towards an Indigenous Theology of the Cross Revised Edition
Douglas J. Hall
Revised and with a Foreword by David J. Monge

In this great classic, Douglas John Hall analyzes the inadequacies and dangers of the officially optimistic society of North America and its officially optimistic religion. He then ap

Daily Prayer for Orthodox Christians
Robert Peterson

You can weave prayer into your life and through prayer grow in your understanding of God and your relationship to Him. This book can be particularly helpful to someone coming to Orthodoxy from another background.