The Last Covenant
Choral Readings For Good Friday And Easter Day
Lynda Pujado

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ISBN: 0788002260
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 34
These two dramatic choral readings will place a permanent imprint on the conscience of all who speak and hear them. They won't be heard as much as they will be felt. The pain and the anguish, the emptiness and hatred of that Friday long ago will fill the senses with such powerful rage that anyone in attendance will be transformed from passive bystanders to active participants in the quest for life as the glorious news of the risen Christ is known on Sunday.

Both choral readings involve five voices, which may be chosen from the congregation or can be performed as a choir litany. The combination of these voices will convey the strong emotions and images of the drama of Jesus' death and resurrection. Both can be substituted for the sermon. No costumes or props are required.

With an order of worship, Easter Day's reading includes congregational singing of nine hymns with the choral reading. The Last Covenant is a wonderfully effective way to involve the entire congregation in "The Greatest Story Ever Told."

Lynda Pujado graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. degree in education. She studied at Moody Bible Institute and at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in a Master of Arts in Religion program. Her work has appeared in magazines and journals such as Leadership Magazine, National Christian Reporter, and others.