Peter Pulpitpounder,
Robert E. Segerhammar

Price: $12.95

ISBN: 0788004328
Size: 5 x 7.5
Pages: 54
... There seemed to be no way for poor Pastor Pulpitpounder to stir his little flock until one day, when his voice rose higher and higher, and his straight nose seemed to get straighter and straighter and he rose taller and taller on his long feet, in his excitement he rolled his little fingers into a great ball and struck the top of his pulpit with such a blow that the ladies jumped from their seats the babies began to cry and the sleeping saints were shaken from their slumber.... He was Pastor Peter Paul Pulpitpounder, and he decided then and there that such a name needed to be lived up to ... (excerpt from Chapter 1)

And so the story of Pastor Peter Paul Pulpitpounder, B.D., begins. This little classic, originally published in the late fifties, delivers insightful humor at a subtle but high level. Written by a parish pastor from the Midwest Peter Pulpitpounder, B.D. takes readers back to a time of innocence that is remindful of Andy Taylor and the town of Mayberry, North Carolina.

While the story is written against the backdrop of the small-town church, the humor and moral lessons contained are those all can relate to (and learn from) who have ever been involved in the parish life. Segerhammar's ability to ground language and feeling in universal experience is a true and unusual gift.

Fast and fun reading, this book will lighten the load and enlighten the heart.

Robert E. Segerhammar, a native and resident of Central Kansas and son of a Lutheran pastor, has sewed churches in Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and California. He is a graduate of Bethany College and Augustana Theological Seminary.