Religious Humor
409 Bits Of Humor For Preachers, Teachers, And Public Speakers
Walter M. Buescher

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ISBN: 0788007076
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 108
An extensive index will make this book of humor one of the most useful resources in your library. All of the key words in every story are in the index. The preacher, teacher or public speaker will have no difficulty finding the exact bit of humor needed to bring sparkle to a sermon, speech, lesson or monthly bulletin.

A sampling of the contents:

The world's best after-dinner speech: I'll take the check
One thing you can say about an egoist: He never talks about other people.
Preachers don't talk in their sleep; they talk in their parishioner's sleep.
Conversation heard after church: "Do you think Madilyn Johnson is tinting her hair?" "I don't know; I didn't see her." "Do you think that dress Mrs. Hansen was wearing should be paraded before God-fearing people of the church?" "I didn't notice that, either." "A lot of good it does YOU to go to church."
He dieted religiously: he quit snacking in church.
An old Scotchman lay dying. The pastor and family gathered around his bedside. Finally the old man motioned to his grandson. When the grandson reached the bed, the old Scotchman laid his gold watch in the boy's hand. "Grandson, how'd you like to buy a good watch?"

Walter M. Buescher began collecting jokes and bits of humor over 60 years ago. He ended up with four file drawers, some of which was published by Prentice-Hall in their book Library of Humor. During a lifetime of public speaking across the country and in his position as Sales Training Manager with an international company, Buescher drew from his file to entertain and inspire thousands in his audiences.