Lectionary Tales For the Pulpit
Series III, Cycle C
Constance Berg

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ISBN: 0788017071
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 154
Everyone remembers and enjoys a good story -- and heartfelt stories touch us in ways nothing else can. Jesus used stories or parables to emphasize his points and lead his listeners to look at themselves and examine their motivations.

This collection of stories illustrating biblical passages from Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary will touch your soul. Berg speaks to the person in the pew with accounts drawn from conversations with people, observations of everyday life, and a vast arena of literature.

The material in this book will give insights to those who need encouragement and hope for daily problems in life.... Constance Berg has a flair for using simple illustrations and making them meaningful.

Barbara Johnson (The "Christian Erma Bombeck")
Best-selling author and speaker

Constance Berg's simple stories are transformative. She elevates ordinary deeds and people to the level of the holy, and brings holy deeds and biblical people down to earth. She takes the gospel from the abstract to the active and inspires readers to live the Bible, not merely learn it.
Robin L. Silverman
Author of The Ten Gifts

The stories of Constance Berg have real life in them, and underlying it all is a constant and deep and (blessedly) theological faith. Berg has great respect for her readers in the gentle way that she allows people to make connections.
Marj Leegard
Author of Give Us This Day
Columnist for Lutheran Women Today

Although the development of technology has transformed our world during the past 2000 years, the basic personalities and struggles for God's people remain the same. Many of the uncertainties, conflicts, and yearnings illustrated in the Bible mark the lives of people living in contemporary society. Constance Berg creatively illuminates these biblical messages and makes them relevant to current experience through presenting short stories and sketches from today's world.
Kenneth J. Dawes
Professor Emeritus of Social Work
University of North Dakota

Constance Berg is a rostered assistant pastor in Grand Forks, North Dakota, as well as an editor and writer for Augsburg Fortress Press. She also has served as a missionary to Chiapas, Mexico. Berg holds degrees from California State University and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and has done graduate work at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.