Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit
Series V, Cycle C
Gregory L. Tolle

Price: $17.95

ISBN: 0788024019
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 176
Greg Tolle knows how to tell a story! Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit is not only a wonderful read -- it's like standing in front of floor-to-ceiling windows through which you can see the majesty of the created world beyond. Tolle's work enables readers to grasp the heart of the text and gives every preacher an invaluable start in his or her sermon preparation!
Timothy Merrill
Executive Editor, Homiletics

Whether it's bedtime stories for young children, scary tales around the campfire, or shared narratives from the "electronic hearth" of television, stories are a primary mode of human communication. For preachers, they're a key part of the homiletic toolbox -- captivating stories are an essential way to connect with listeners and capture their attention. Jesus knew this -- he was a master storyteller, and in his sermons he didn't lecture, he told parables to illustrate his message and help his audience remember important points.

With Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit, you'll have an invaluable source of fresh, imaginative stories right at your fingertips. Gregory Tolle sheds new light on Cycle C lectionary texts with modern parables that take you inside scripture in memorable and inspiring ways. Tolle's thought-provoking reflections remind us that God's grace is always present in our daily lives, especially in places and events we least expect to find it. This book isn't just a collection of preaching illustrations and "sermon starters" -- it's also powerfully uplifting devotional reading that's certain to enrich your spiritual life.

When you read Greg Tolle's Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit, you'll be entertained and inspired by fresh stories from a variety of sources -- from Snoopy to Shakespeare. When you include these tales in your sermon, they will help you hold interest and gently drive home vital points. This book should get into the hands and heart of every minister.
Boyce A. Bowdon
Former Director of Communications
Oklahoma Conference, United Methodist Church

Grounded in real human experience, Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit is insightful reading that helps bring the biblical witness to light week after week. It's a wonderful devotional guide for thoughtful Christians of any persuasion, even the occasional preacher who happens to be in a "homiletic drought."
William E. LaBarr
Senior Pastor, Plymouth Park United Methodist Church
Irving, Texas

Gregory L. Tolle is the senior minister at First United Methodist Church in Durant, Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Oklahoma City University (B.A. in Religion) and Texas Christian University (M.Div.).