In Jesus' Name We Sing
Brief Choir Prayers
Fred H. Wilkins

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ISBN: 0788018000
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Pages: 32
In the rush to prepare for Sunday morning's service, does it sometimes seem as if the choir isn't always focused on the reason why they are there? Increase your choir's commitment to God by sharing some of these heartfelt devotions with them before they enter the sanctuary. After all, the choir is just a part of the overall proclamation of the gospel! And while choir directors are responsible for the spiritual leadership of their singers, praying "off the cuff" is an uncomfortable task for many. These prayers are a perfect way to finish up the warm-up rehearsal and start the service on an inspirational note.

Fred H. Wilkins has served many southern California churches as a choral director, organist, and tenor soloist. He received his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Southern California, and also has completed all the coursework for a D.M.A. in church music.