Speaking The Word
Scriptures For The Speaking Choir
Robert A. Allen

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ISBN: 1556733569
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 101
What is the condition of the public reading of scripture in your church? If you are searching for new ways to present meaningful scripture reading in the worship setting, this book will help you.

The creating of a speaking choir is one way to elevate oral reading of scripture. This can be a small or large group, depending on the talents and size of your congregation.

Once a choir is formed, it needs direction and reading material. This book offers both. The author provides 30 choral readings and directions on making the choir an effective ministry in your congregation.

The readings are based on Old and New Testament scripture. Topics range from Christmas and Easter to Mother's Day, praise, missions, and service.

You can make the Word of God come to life in the worship and special programs of your church. In this book Robert A. Allen draws from his many years of experience in speech and drama techniques to offer helpful suggestions to enable the church to implement such a program.
Dr. Richard L. Paige, Jr., executive secretary
Minnesota Baptist Association
Editor, "North Star Baptist"

Robert A. Allen is chairman of the speech department and director of the Pillsbury Players, Pillsbury College, Owatonna, Minnesota. He has organized speaking choirs in churches, camps, high schools, and colleges.