The Controversy
Godliness vs. Worldliness
Daniel Taddeo

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ISBN: 078802227X
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 214
The Controversy is an anthology of eight books. It contains a random selection of gems of wisdom on 200 related topics, about 25 from each book listed on the reverse side, each fewer that 300 words long.

• They are timeless and challenging.
• They give encouragement and hope.
• They provide perspective and solutions.

They focus on all the important aspects of living that truly matter. There is something for everyone: parents, students, teachers, clergy, writers, speakers -- anyone who loves learning.

We live in a complex and fast-changing world with an increasing number of negative cultural trends. The following is a sample alphabetical listing: abortion, cheating, corruption, crime, depression, disobedience, divorce, drug abuse, illicit sex, killing, lying, poor grades, pornography, school dropout, stealing, suicide, truancy, and violence.

One of the most prominent changes in our society began to surface in the late 50's: the weakening of the family. This was followed by a lack of transmission of family values of right and wrong. This is the first time in history that parents are no longer the main influence in child-rearing. They have been replaced by the entertainment-advertising industry, television, internet, research studies, and surveys.

During Taddeo's 33 years as a public school teacher and counselor, he witnessed these cultural changes and their negative consequences. His goal with this publication is to help restore the moral and spiritual values we treasure in our personal lives, neighborhoods, schools, churches, government, and country.