Creative Church Bulletin Boards

Rosalind M. Townley

Price: $10.95

ISBN: 0788023594
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 76

Do church bulletin boards have to be dull and boring? Not if you have Creative Church Bulletin Boards in hand! The uplifting, thought-provoking theme messages presented in this practical "how-to" guide will both educate and entertain your entire congregation. Capturing the attention of media-jaded children - and adults - is much easier when the message of our faith is displayed in eye-catching splashes of color and design, rather than in faded construction paper or dry "memos."

Packed with unique design ideas that will spark your creativity, Creative Church Bulletin Boards offers plenty of specific advice on shopping for supplies and keeping expenses within a limited budget, as well as detailed directions for using a wide variety of non-conventional tools to mount interesting items. You'll learn how to put together attractive displays that reinforce Christian teachings on subjects such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and caring. Material appropriate for both general use and specific seasons throughout the year is provided, with plenty of possible slogans or phrases for you to choose from. And to help get you started, each grouping includes a thorough discussion of one example along with a color picture and explicit step-by-step instructions for assembling the board. Creative Church Bulletin Boards gives you everything you need to put a powerful but often overlooked evangelism tool to work in your church!

This book is the launching point for rediscovering the importance of the time-honored, non-electron-based truth that bulletin boards can help us relate God's message in new ways. What hope and joy to enter the church building and find there a bulletin board catching the eye with beauty, humor, and creativity, warming the heart with a sign of God's love and connection. A creative bulletin board may not get people in the building, but it can help keep them coming once they are there.

June Stitzinger-Clark
Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church
Lakewood, New Jersey
Disaster Response Coordinator, Greater New Jersey Annual Conference

Rosalind M. Townley
lives in Wenonah, New Jersey, where she is an active member of Wenonah United Methodist Church. She is a former schoolteacher and a graduate of Lycoming College.