Lose the Cape
Cycle A Sermons Based on Second Lessons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany
Charley Reeb

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ISBN: 0788029916
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 134
“...if we go around serving Jesus with capes, they eventually get snagged on something — our pride; other people’s feelings; people’s perceptions of those who follow God. Our capes get in the way. Goff reminds us that Jesus never wore a cape. Jesus hardly ever talked about the way he loved people. He just did it. All that mattered to him was that God knew it. When we lose the cape, we don’t get confused about what our purpose is, which is to love. All our energy is channeled into doing great things for God and loving the world like crazy (Goff). Let’s lose the cape as Christians and just go out and share the light and love of Jesus. When we serve Jesus without a cape people will want to know more about Jesus. This Advent season let us put on the armor of light and draw people to the light of the world.” From Chapter One

Lose The Cape, Cycle A Sermons Based on Second Lessons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, are written by Charley Reeb. These sermons are jam-packed with thought-provoking ideas, stories, and life lessons. “After all, what other profession requires you to prepare a keynote address every week? If you don’t happen to have a staff of researchers and speech writers at your disposal, you must learn to be resourceful. I hope this book in your hands will be a helpful resource for you as you prepare sermons.”

Lose The Cape can be used for:
*sermon ideas
*fresh ideas
*Bible Study
*small group study
*Sunday school discussion
*personal reflection

Charley Reeb is currently the pastor of Johns Creek United Methodist Church in Johns Creek, Georgia. He has previously served churches in Orlando, Lakeland and Plant City, Florida, Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, and has also served as a chaplain and devotional speaker for the Georgia Senate. Reeb's work has appeared in Ministry Matters, Leading Ideas, Preaching and Circuit Rider magazines. Reeb also has been of the guest ministers on the Hallmark Channel's Day 1 Diner, a part of Naomi's New Morning. Reeb is a graduate of Florida Southern College. Candler School of Theology at Emory University and has received his D. Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary. Charles and his wife Brandy are the parents of one son.