More Bulletin Board-ers
A Second Helping Of Over 2,000 Statements For Sign Boards, Bulletins And Mailings, Speeches, Posters, Wall Hangings, And More
Helen Eisenberg

Price: $12.95

ISBN: 0895367041
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 98
More Bulletin Board-ers picks up where Bulletin Board-ers left off. Over 2,000 one-liners are included in this little book. Suitable for Sunday bulletins, church newsletters, announcement boards, bulletin boards, roadside signs, or even to spice up correspondence, these witty, provocative sayings will wake up the lethargic and make the sober laugh. In addition, they are calculated to make the thoughtful person think more deeply about life and the daily routine.

Examples include:
"Right is right even when everyone is against it."
"Pigs grunt about everything."
"Nothing exceeds like excess."
"Love sees through a telescope -- not a microscope."
"Left-handers have rights, too."
"Psychiatrists have couches for people off their rockers."

Helen Eisenberg holds a B.A. in Music Education from State University, Durant, Oklahoma. She has done studies in religion and Church History at Iowa State University and Yale Divinity School, and took post-graduate courses at Garrett Theological Seminary and the University of Virginia. She has done editorial work for the Methodist Publishing House and taught both in this country and in Rhodesia. She has been a strong support to her husband Larry in his parish ministry.

Larry Eisenberg attended Tennessee Wesleyan Junior College, the University of Chattanooga, Garrett Theological Seminary, and Boston University School of Theology. He holds the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Divinity, and Master of Sacred Theology. He has done further study at Peabody College and Yale Divinity School. He has authored nearly two dozen books, many in collaboration with his wife Helen, and has produced a number of records. Following secular employment he served in several church staff positions in the Methodist Church, as missionary to Rhodesia, and as pastor of six congregations. The Eisenbergs have three grown children and have retired in Florida.