They Followed The Master
Nine Dramas For Lent
Cynthia S. Baker

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ISBN: 1556737041
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 49
They Followed The MasterM gives power and vividness to the Lenten experience for participants and spectators.

Characters are carefully based on the scriptural evidence, supplemented by imaginative re-creation of what they might have said.

The plays may be performed by any size congregation. Even so, the author kept in mind small churches during her writing, saying she has great sympathy for small churches -- those with limited budgets and big ideas.

Plays include settings for:
Sundays of Lent
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday

Depending upon the drama, characters include Mary, John, Andrew, Martha, Lazarus, Judas, Judas' mother, Matthew, Cornelius, and a host of other familiar and not-so-familiar biblical personalities.

Cynthia S. Baker, Aurora, Minnesota, has been writing and directing plays for the church for over 25 years. She is a graduate of Lake Erie College and the Institute for Children's Literature. This is her second CSS collection of plays.