The Disciple Making Church
New Expanded Edition: From Dry Bones to Spiritual Vitality
Glenn McDonald

Price: $16.99

ISBN: 1932902678
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 288
Newly updated and revised for 2007 with new Foreword by E. Stanley Ott, President of Vital Churches Institute. New cover design, resource list and index.

Christianity Today says "The Disciple Making Church is a call to evalutate the way we live and minister."

The Christian Century magazine calls The Disciple Making Church "An excellent resource for pastors and congregations seeking to reclaim formation and discipleship as central to their life and purpose."

This modern day classic helps congregations to transform program-oriented churches into disciple making churches.

The story of the transformation of a large suburban congregation from one relying on the latest and greatest new programming to a ministry dedicated to making disciples of Jesus.

Glenn McDonald was the busy pastor of a large and growing congregation in the suburbs of Indianapolis when, late one night, a single question launched a journey that changed every facet of life at Zionsville Presbyterian Church. As a lengthy board meeting was about to wrap up, a board member asked, "How long would it take for someone who visits our church to learn about his or her need for Jesus and to find out what to do about it?"

After a long and hollow silence, a profound transformation began. All "canned programs" for ministry???along with a focus on the "ABCs" of attendance, building and cash???went by the boards as everything about the church was examined in the light of Christ's charge to "go forth and make disciples."

The Disciple Making Church divides the transformation in two parts: Six Discipling Relationships and The Six Marks of a Disciple. McDonald weaves vivid scriptural insights and the wisdom of scholars with the experiences of his own congregation and others, and distills it all into one helpful, valuable, enjoyable book. His enthusiasm for the "exhilarating freedom" of the disciple's life is infectious.

If you've ever wondered if the "busy-ness" of many of today's churches isn't what Christ was talking about, this book will have a lasting impact on you and your walk with the Lord.

Glenn McDonald is senior pastor of Zionsville Presbyterian Church in suburban Indianapolis, a congregation he helped organize in 1983. The church was named one of the 300 Excellent Protestant Congregations in America. McDonald is also co-author of Imagining a Church in the Spirit with Ben C. Johnson and a consultant on church growth for the Presbyterian Church USA. He holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL.