Key Words Of Faith
David P. Rebeck
The meaning of some church words is often taken for granted. We assume, for example, that everyone knows what HOLY or GLORY or SIN mean. But when we explore the history of these words we uncover a new depth of understanding.

Preachers and lay

A Look at the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
David E. Leininger
With the Ten Commandments such an integral part of today's "culture wars," it would seem to be a safe assumption that most people are familiar with what the commandments actually say. Yet many surveys indicate otherwise -- and even when people can name all of the commandments, they often

Robert E. Obach and Albert Kirk
Luke intended to provide an ”orderly account” of the words and deeds of Jesus. Yet the Third Gospel is much more than an historical record; it is a living word addressed to both first century believers and the contemporary followers of Jesus. This co...

Reflections On The Ten Commandments
Robert G. Tuttle
Suppose you are flying alone at night. It is stormy and you are lost. Your fuel is running low.... You are about to give up when suddenly there is a break in the clouds and there below you is a narrow string of lights. A place to land! Thank God! Wou

A Catechism Companion
David M. Albertin
This book, one of a three-part series, is a narrative reflection on Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism. Its uses are many:
A companion guide for catechism classes.
A manual for new adult member classes.
A preaching resource.

Don't Despair Passages in the Gospel of John
Ron Lavin
It's a lovely thought that through one's congregation we can gain, and also give to each other, help in times of despair. Paul wrote to his Thessalonian Christians: "Therefore encourage one another テ encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing" (1 Thessalonians 4:18; 5:11). Ron Lavin illustrates this principle elegantly in the following chapters as he examines the passages in John's

The Politics of Resurrection in the First Gospel
David E. Wiley, III
Held as the first gospel writer, Mark provides a narrative that not only captures the life and message of Jesus, but also sheds light on the theological and political issues of his day.

The Prophets and the Powerless
James Limburg
Sensational books on ?biblical prophecy? that warn of the end of the world continue to make the bestseller lists. James Limburg demonstrates that the actual prophets -- Nathan, Elijah, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah -- were less concerned with such questions

An Interpretation of Second Isaiah
Richard J. Clifford
Within the last two hundred years, critical scholarship has come to recognize that Chapters 40-55 of the Book of Isaiah are the work, not of the eighth century Isaiah of Jerusalem, but of an anonymous sixth century disciple standing in the Isaiah tra...

An Introduction
Kevin Quast
Reading the Corinthian Correspondence is a clear and concise introduction to the two letters Paul wrote to Corinth, a community plagued by internal divisions, social and ethnic distinctions, and diversity of congregations.

Kevin Quast b