Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel
Brand Eaton
The sermons of So that You May Believe: Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel employ a variety of homiletic strategies and form, including sermon-in-verse, first-person narrative, parabolic storytelling, and an example of Puritan "plain sermon." The sermons are theologically sound, engaging, and instructive for exploring various sermon constructions and preaching approaches. Teachers of homiletics and biblical interpretation can employ the book as a secondary resource offering examples of unique strategies for interpreting and teaching the gospel.

Crafting The Funeral Homily
Barbara G. Schmitz
Pastors will receive solid theological and practical assistance with the important task of creating and presenting the funeral homily. Because time is usually limited for meditation creation, they will find invaluable help time and again from this vo

Sermons And Commentary For Preachers And Students Of Preaching
J. Will Ormond
One of the master preachers of today reveals how sermon styles can bring scriptural texts to life. This is a classic for students of the art of preaching.

Whenever Will Ormond preached in the Columbia Seminary Chapel, the pews were packed

The Art And Theology Of Children's Sermons
Richard J. Coleman
When was the last time you took a moment to consider the purpose and effectiveness of your children’s sermons? After all, nothing is more important than sowing the seeds of faith early in life. In this comprehensive look at all aspects of preaching t...

Preaching Resurrection Texts
William H. Shepherd, Jr.
Including 21 sermons, this fascinating volume looks at the scriptural texts concerning a pivotal New Testament theme -- the resurrection of Jesus -- and examines how they may be read in various interpretive communities. Shepherd analyzes each of the major New Testament wr...

The Sermon In The Electronic Age
Michael Rogness
Michael Rogness has put his finger on a serious homiletical problem -- people accustomed to being fed a video diet are having difficulty digesting the verbal food we preachers set before them each week. Readers will be relieved that Professor Rogn

A New Approach To Biblical Preaching
William H. Shepherd, Jr.
This book is written for preachers who suspect that the way they were taught to preach (and for the most part are still being taught to preach) simply does not work.
The author's objective is to bring the Bible to life in the sermon in all of its

Biblical Monologues And How To Do Them
Edward W. Thorn
... Edward Thorn has written an excellent manual ... His sermons blend well the horizons of the Bible and the contemporary culture scape. Even pastors who never try a monologue sermon will enjoy reading this book and be enriched by the monologues.

People Of Faith Speak To Their Times And Ours
David G. Rogne
Even though the sermon is perhaps the central element of Protestant worship, preachers sometimes have difficulty capturing the imagination of their audiences and communicating the spiritual resources that worshipers need. But the messages in David Ro

The Preacher's Edge
Jerry L. Schmalenberger
The Preacher’s Edge puts to work the basic principles of oratory and persuasive speaking with creative pulpit techniques. It is written to be used by preachers for a revival and renewal of their preaching.

From this book one can learn