A Study Of Burning Bush Experiences
William C. Bartlett
Can you recall events, people, and circumstances which have profoundly affected you? Many people have ”holy moments” -- those times when the Lord seems to reveal himself in a way that alters the direction of life. In this book, William Bartlett encou...

Obligation, Liberation, And Contemporary Christian Conflicts
Henry G. Brinton
Henry Brinton identifies the social and political phenomenon of our time -- the increasing tendency of people to live and worship in like-minded communities. Not only does Brinton explain the theological basis for this ideological segregation, but

Another Look At The Lord's Prayer
Ron Lavin
The Lord's Prayer is undoubtedly the world's most well-known litany of petition and praise -- yet it is precisely because of its familiarity that we often recite it by rote and lose the power and depth of its spiritual yearnings. In this latest insta

Connections Between Biblical Journeys And Life Transitions
Andre Papineau
Whether it’s leaving home, having children, losing a parent, or retiring, we spend much of our lives passing through transitions -- and it is often very stressful to cope with changing circumstances, as we feel lost, confused, and depressed, sometime

Another Look At The Parables Of Jesus
Ron Lavin
Ron Lavin writes, ”The parables of Jesus pop our preconceptions and misconceptions, upset our equilibrium, and yet comfort us. They are wake-up calls -- each one is like a bucket of cold water thrown in our face.” Indeed, the parables are some of the

Another Look At The Apostles' Creed
Ron Lavin
Do we really want the ”feel good,” ”sugarcoated” Christianity that is being offered in so many churches and denominations today? I don’t think so. Do we really want a faith that panders to our whims and the popular trends and fads of the day with

A Pre-Easter Home Study
Bill Thomas
For the Lenten season, here are seven lessons designed to help Christians walk a road that will draw them closer to Jesus -- at the time of year when his walk on the Via Dolorosa was fast approaching.

Each lesson can be taught to a group

An Exploration Of Prayer
John R. Brokhoff
Is it humanly possible to pray like Jesus?
Since God knows what we need even before we pray, why bother to pray?
To what extent does one’s relationship with God affect one’s prayers?
With questions like these, John Brokhoff takes you on a

Reformer Or Heretic?
Thomas E. Patten
Martin Luther: Reformer or Heretic? is a study about the leader of the Reformation that is easily adapted for discussion groups and adult Sunday school classes. Each of the three sections of the book offers discussion questions.

Reflections On The Sinful, The Tragic, The Demonic, And The Ambiguous
Kenneth Cauthen
Evil and suffering are a part of everyone’s experience. Kenneth Cauthen breaks new ground in exploring the torments and terrors of this life. Some of his positions may be considered daring and controversial. But his approach, while creative, is roote...