A Sermon Series
Maurice A. Fetty
This sermon series for Lent/Easter is fast-paced and illustrated with stories and anecdotes that keep the attention of readers and listeners. With titles such as ”The Challenge To Change,” ”The Challenge Of Tragedy,” ”The Challenge Of No-Fault Religi...

True Funny Stories From Church Life
Al Fasol

Dozens of stories like these fill this heart-warming collection of humorous tales, serving as a pleasant reminder that following Jesus is a joy-filled experience. Humor with a Halo: True Funny Stories from Church Life, Revised Edition delivers timeless joy for old, young, and everyone in between and leaves readers with a tremendous reserve of hilarious and contagious joy.

True Accounts Of Visions, Angels, And Healing Miracles (Cycle B)
John E. Sumwalt, Editor
* What if Moses had never told anyone about the burning bush?
* What if Paul had kept quiet about his experience on the road to Damascus?
* What if John had never written a word of what he saw during his exile on Patmos?

Series IV, Cycle C
Timothy F. Merrill
If you're looking for imaginative reflections that take you right to the heart of the scriptures, the newest edition of CSS' popular Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit series is the perfect resource for you. Timothy Merrill offers 65 thought-provoking contemplations on Cycle C lectionary passages that draw out the biblical theme by relating it to aspects of modern life we have all experienced. This book is not only great for preaching

Series III, Cycle C
Constance Berg
Everyone remembers and enjoys a good story -- and heartfelt stories touch us in ways nothing else can. Jesus used stories or parables to emphasize his points and lead his listeners to look at themselves and examine their motivations.

This collection of stories illustrating biblical passages from Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary will touch your soul. Berg speaks to the person in the pew with accounts drawn from conversations with

Story Sermons Of God's Grace
David O. Bales
If over the centuries Christians have become used to sermons being a string of assertions, explanations, or exhortations -- with a sprinkling of stories as illustrations -- the sermons have not been preached in a manner consistent with how the...

Stories And Humor For Inspired Preaching
Don R. Yocom
All those who preach or teach, or who just enjoy fascinating stories, anecdotes, and illustrations, will want to include this book in their library. After a lifetime of preaching Don Yocom has collected all of his best illustrations from life and his

Series III, Cycle A
Constance Berg
A well-told story can be motivational and inspirational, especially when it's framed in familiar language that everyone can relate to. Constance Berg draws on her gift for storytelling to deliver modern parables that reach across cultural, class, gen

Series V, Cycle C
Gregory L. Tolle

Whether it's bedtime stories for young children, scary tales around the campfire, or shared narratives from the "electronic hearth" of television, stories are a primary mode of human communication. For preachers, they're a key part of the homiletic toolbox -- captivating stories are an essential way to connect with listeners and capture their attention. Jesus knew this -- he was a master storyteller, and in his sermons he didn't lecture, he told parables to illustrate his message and help his audience remember important points.

Series IV, Cycle A
Gregory L. Tolle
Jesus considered stories to be an essential teaching tool -- his preaching was filled with stories, and he used parables because he knew that people could relate to them. So if you're looking for a well-told, imaginative, and inspirational story that will take you right to the heart of the scriptures, the newest edition of CSS' popular Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit series is just