Words Of Wisdom From Your New Baby
Marie Shropshire
What event creates more cause for joy and celebration than the birth of a baby? Yours To Love: Words of Wisdom From Your New Baby provides practical wisdom for parents in an imaginative and entertaining way. And what parent has not secretly wi...

Revised And Expanded Edition of Authentic Living
Lowell O. Erdahl
When we abandon ourselves and ”let go, and let God,” we become the persons we are born to be and begin to live as we are designed to live. Joyful Living provides sixteen weeks of daily readings that focus on that theme as the heart and center

Psalms Of Comfort
Barbara Jurgensen
We all must cope with life’s trials and tribulations -- and there’s no greater source for the comfort and support we need than the book of Psalms. Not only can the Psalms help us make it through difficult times, but they can also help us become stron...

Godliness vs. Worldliness
Daniel Taddeo
The Controversy is an anthology of eight books. It contains a random selection of gems of wisdom on 200 related topics, about 25 from each book listed on the reverse side, each fewer that 300 words long.

• They are timeless and challenging.
• They give encouragement and hope.
• They provide perspective and solutions.

They focus on all the important aspects of living

Managing Our Frustrations, Losses, And Fears
Joseph E. Talley
Because we cannot have everything we desire, it is inevitable that we will experience frustration -- and what we believe about pain and loss greatly affects our ability to respond constructively to such emotions as anxiety, despair, and rage. S

Forgiving Yourself And Others
John Berecz
This book is unique among books on forgiveness. In addition to being Christian, it is based on a very solid foundation of clinical and social psychology. Based on 26 years of teaching and clinical practice, it condenses some of the best insights into

How Seven Christians Faced Death
L. James Harvey and Jackie Harvey
A fascinating ”up close and personal” look at the final days of seven terminally ill Christians, Seven For Heaven is a poignant yet uplifting volume that captures their feelings and experiences as they prepare for a new life in heaven.

For The Six Days Of Holy Week
C. Alton Robertson
These six meditations offer a time and a place, suggested scripture readings from the Gospel texts, and provocative meditations. Participants will experience and share the commitment of fellowship in the days leading up to the surprise and joy of Eas

More Devotions for Moms
Michelle Waters

There's nothing like seeing a rainbow after a particularly stormy time. It reminds us of the promises of God and of his steadfast love -- even for harried moms. To be a mother often means being able to see through the clouds of life that threaten to overshadow God's abundant grace and mercy and beholding the promise of God's rainbow. The devotions in Through the Clouds, each accompanied by a scripture verse and a prayer, are a perfect resource for busy moms who need to take a few quiet moments each day with the Lord. These brief meditations will encourage them to see the rainbows and remember God's promises -- no matter how much laundry is waiting!

Visions Of The Holy In Ordinary Lives
John E. Sumwalt, Editor
The Bible is filled with stories of shining moments -- Moses' face shone as he came down from the mountain with the ten commandments; Jesus' face changed and his clothes became dazzling white in a transfiguration witnessed by the disciples; Paul was