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Sermons and Stories for Preaching
Peter Andrew Smith, Michael L. Sherer, Timothy W. Ayers, Dean Feldmeyer, Frank Ramirez, Ronald H. Love, Richard E. Gribble
Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic church year.

Cycle B Sermons for Proper 16 - 29 Based on the Gospel texts
Frank Ramirez
Jesus told his apostles to "count the cost" of following him. For the twelve, it meant leaving their jobs, their homes and families. It meant literally taking up a new life and leaving the old one behind.

What is the cost of following Jesus today?

Frank Ramirez challenges the modern Church as he explores that question in Mark His Word: Cycle B Sermons for Proper 16 through Thanksgiving Based on the Gospel Texts. Using analogies from the space race to a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov to the diary of a Civil War-era abolitionist preacher, Ramirez paints a variety of pictures of what it looks like to act in allegiance to the cause of Christ, to answer the call of the Holy Spirit no matter the consequences.

The pastor who utilizes Mark His Word will see a church reinvigorated in time for Advent, prepared to step forth courageously into the world to live and speak truth to a world dying to know it.

Cycle B Sermons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany Based on the Gospel Texts
Michael L. Sherer
Jesus is the embodiment of what God means for our world. The gospel writers who penned the first four books of the Christian scriptures have given us a variety of insights into who Jesus was and is, and why he matters for contemporary humankind. Every thoughtful person defines the world according to him- or her-self. This series of sermons aims to present 'the world according to Jesus.'

Cycle B Sermons Based on Second Lessons for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany
Ron Love
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Series II, Cycle B
Peter Andrew Smith
"A good story of faith … allows us to better see ourselves and our relationships while offering to us an opportunity to consider and know God. We enter into the story and emerge a different person." – Peter Andrew Smith

Restaurant workers closing up for the night do their duty to prepare the store for the morning crew, despite their impatience to leave. An elderly man finds hope and encouragement in a congregation where he never quite felt like he belonged.

These are the simple, quiet vignettes Smith offers in his third collection of stories.Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching: Series II, Cycle Bis inspired by the details Jesus draws from everyday life in the Gospel of Mark. Likewise, Smith delves into the ordinary to explore the extraordinary power of the Holy Spirit alive from moment to moment today.

Lectionary Stories for Preaching and Teaching is an accessible collection of stories ideal for inviting both experienced disciples and those young in the Christian faith alike to discover the Lord yet at work where and when we least expect Him.

Cycle B Sermons for Pentecost Through Proper 15 Based on the Gospel Texts
Dean Feldmeyer
The season after Pentecost has had several different names over the years.  It has been called "Ordinary Time," which meant that the Sundays were numbered, not that they were common or mundane.  It has been called "Kingdomtide" as the celebration of the imminent nature of God's Kingdom breaking forth in the world as both present and future reality.  And it has sometimes just been called "The Time after Pentecost."   Whatever we choose to call it, it is often felt as a slow-down, or a sag in the enthusiasm and energy of the church.  Rarely does anything new begin in the summer.  It's a time of waiting for vacations to end and school to begin again so we can get back to the business of doing ministry.  The sermons in Like A Phoenix offer the goal of bringing new vigor and vitality into the life of the church even in the hot months of the year when everything and everyone is calling us to slow down and take it easy.

Since the season after Pentecost is drawn out it may be more difficult to come up with sermon ideas. This book will help ease the burden. A busy pastor will have more time to focus things other than sermon preparation, especially during the summer, with vacation time in full-swing.

Cycle B Sermons for Lent & Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
Timothy W Ayers
Imagining the Gospels: Cycle B Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on the Gospel Texts is the latest from Rev. Timothy W. Ayers. As a pastor who writes his messages while also writing novels, children's books, and short dramas, Rev. Ayers found himself working hard to visually create the picture of what was happening in the gospel accounts. Why? These were people listening to Jesus. They would have had emotions about the topics. They would have had little things they recognized when Jesus spoke about lambs, shepherds, and vines. Much like our congregants, there would be nods of recognition toward experiences in their lives. His goal was to get the listener to imagine themselves, with their feelings, and their reasons for being in church, to better use their cognitive skills, inside the stories.

At other times, Ayers sought to take them on a week by week journey through the Easter season. He didn't assume they have a relationship with Christ. He didn't assume they are vibrant, serving members of the congregation. He only assumed that the listener is seeking something they do not have. He was attempting to take them one step further on a journey from week to week.

At times Rev. Ayers brings humor to the scene in order to lighten the mood of the listener. The body relaxes when we laugh and that helps us to hear the message. Imagining the Gospels hopefully will achieve this.

This book will make life easier for any busy pastor during the Lent and Easter season, by providing a sermon for each and every Sunday, when attendance is likely to be at its highest.

Cycle B Sermons Based on the Second Lesson for Lent and Easter
Richard Gribble
If the Lenten journey is traversed successfully, then we can fully enter into the celebratory time of Easter. Yet, even as we observe these events we must acknowledge that the challenges of the Christian life are ever present. We should never forget British writer G.K. Chesterton's admonition in What’'s Wrong with the World (1910), "The Christian life has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried." The Easter season reminds us that despite the triumph of Christ there will always be challenges to our belief. We seemingly cannot believe unless we see; yet we know that faith often is beyond proof and, thus, beyond sight as well. We are also challenged to discover ways of transforming problematic situations and what appears to be defeat into triumph through the grace of God. Additionally, this great season of grace teaches us that we must continually evaluate what we do and keep our eyes fixed on Christ and his mission and message. Finally, as Jesus ascends to the Father, we come to realize that the Lord's work in not complete and, therefore, each day presents us with the opportunity to do something to complete the master's work.

The cycle B second lesson sermons of Reverend Richard Gribble's Redemption to Transformation: The Journey of Lent and Easter represent an understanding of the challenges presented us through this highly significant and very special journey. The church in its wisdom gives us this opportunity annually to review where we are and, after ascertaining our present position, the challenge to move to higher realms that are more consistent with our common Christian call to holiness. It is hoped that these reflections will be helpful to you as together we travel the path from Lent to Easter, and eventually to Christ and eternal life.