Indispensable for Pastors

Brian Ross has written the book I wish I had found when I began my ministry career! At once eminently practical and highly readable, It is also a "one stop shop" for perspective on dozens of subjects encountered in day-to-day ministry. Filled with everything from a template for weddings and funerals to wisdom for working with difficult people, this is the first book you should purchase when beginning your ministry with a church.
— Rev. Dr. Christine Roush, Discipleship Coordinator, American Baptist Home Mission Societies...

Brian’s manual offers practical advice that will be helpful as a constant reference to any pastor. His reminders to ask why we do what we do in the church and to do whatever we do with excellence are important for any minister.
— Rev. Jonna Bohigian, Pastor, St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church, San Jose, CA...More info...

The Practical Message of James

Wayne Brouwer focuses on the practical nature of James' message and how it should make a difference to us.

The book of James is especially relevant to our times as it references social tensions such as between rich and poor, race, etc. As income inequality continues to increase we can look at James' writings and relate to a time in the early church when economic and social issues were a major concern.

Brouwer uses his devotions on the book of James to accentuate ways that we can emulate God, serving others as we would want to be treated. Our relationship with God is not based solely upon our faith. Brouwer details throughout Practical Christianity how our relationship with God is built upon an unending, undeserved grace, which we therefore must share with those around us. More info...

NEW 1-Minute Stories for Sermons

Known for his famous sixty-second stories about faith and God’s love, Gary Carver compiles some of his favorite one-minute sermons into this book to teach those who need to understand the love of God the most. “God has given to me the gift to see stories in the everyday lives of people, and the love of telling these stories, that people just like you may see spiritual truth.” In this world of varying beliefs and arguments, Carver wants to remind Christians of what it truly means to follow God and to understand what Jesus’ sacrifice means for each of us.

Although his messages are short, they are deep and full of love, showing that we all have a bit of God in us. Throughout his pastoral career, Carver encountered a slew of unique people, preachers and laypersons alike — each with their own unique depiction of our God. Through each of his stories, Carver details exactly what God wants from us as his disciples, regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, social class, political party or religion — the mandate to love your neighbors, no matter what....More info...

NEW Stories for Preaching & Teaching

Our world needs a word of grace. John Pennington’s book gives us those words. We are reminded that we are ‘God’s beloved,’ and the final work of grace is to make us grateful and gracious. Here is hoping it will inspire you, as it has me, to love God and others. — Beth C. Parker, Moderator, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky

I came to John Pennington’s Whatever Became of Grace? from more than seventy years of Presbyterian upbringing, deacon meetings, and Sessions of the Synod that has been enriched by more than twenty years in a Twelve Step Program, where I learned the meaning of grace in a very personal way. Whatever Became of Grace? would fit easily into a reading list that Bill Wilson, founder of AA, might compose. John Pennington understands grace, and I thank God he has shared these interpretations with us. – Steve Cawood...More info...

NEW Funeral Sermons

The funeral sermons that make up George Reed’s Funeral Sermons that Proclaim and Celebrate, teach that the passing of a loved one should not be seen as the end of a life, but rather the beginning of a new chapter in which the deceased has been reborn with God in heaven. Throughout his book, he encourages his audience to remember their late relatives and friends through their memories, of all the good times spent together. He reminds us of how the deceased’s actions display God’s presence in the world. Their life, though beautiful like a rainbow, similarly cannot last forever, but the memories of that rainbow lives on in our memories long after its passing....More info...

Stewardship Resources

While it's not the most favorite topic of pastors, stewardship is definitely one of the most important jobs of the church. CSS helps ease the pain of talking about money and gifts (financial and spiritual) with a diverse range of practical resources...
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Children's Sermons and Resources

Check out the vast array of children's resources published by CSS Publishing Company. Get the help you need in communicating with the toughest to reach and most important demographic in your congregation.
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Special Occasion Sermons

This collection from David Rogne presents a great opportunity for pastors and congregations to connect faith to their everyday lives. Sermons include:
  • Stewardship Sunday
       Increasing the Joy
  • World Communion Sunday
       Communion by the Sea
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