More Tales For The Masses
Stories connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy Healy

Price: $26.95

ISBN: 0788030728
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 236

Timothy Healy understands the struggles of everyday life, and often talks to God when he is unsure of how to move forward. In his effort to help others by sharing the words of God, both from scripture and in his personal conversations with the Lord, Healy has returned with More Tales for the Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture and Everyday Life. This collection of stories, poems and parables helps to answer many of the questions that people of faith always ponder: “Where was God?” “Why did God let this happen to me?” Some of the included homilies recognize and address the feeling of worry that occurs in everyday life, strengthened by Healy’s experience as a hospital chaplain.

At the end of most of the homilies, Healy has included a set of discussion questions which encourage readers to reflect on the readings for that day, as well as the words from Healy’s stories. These questions can be answered in a group or individual setting, which will help readers of all levels of faith to understand and connect with God’s words, both through scripture and through the actions of others.

Timothy Healy is a volunteer chaplain and Eucharistic Minister at Hartford Hospital, works as a facilitator with the diocesan Courage ministry, and provides communion services at life-care facilities. He has a Master of Arts in English, a Master of Business Administration, and enjoys ham radio, travel and woodworking as hobbies, as well as likes to laugh with people.