Tales for the Masses
Stories Connecting Scripture to Everyday Life
Timothy E. Healy

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ISBN: 0788028464
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 162

The word "homily" comes from the Greek word meaning conversation. The stories in Tales For The Masses: Stories Connecting Scripture To Everyday Life largely contain dialogue - realistic conversations between family members, co-workers and neighbors of all ages. Here is a new collection of previously unpublished stories that connect Scripture to contemporary, everyday life. Tim writes for the parishioner who's wondering "Why should I listen to you?" by imparting stories to which the parishioner can easily relate. Someone may ask you, "Who told you about me, anyway?" after hearing a homily or sermon with one of these stories in it. In this way, the Scripture message can be seen as relevant to all generations. In this book, author Tim Healy provides homilists and educators material they can use for their own reflection, to help people connect Scripture with what goes on in normal life, and to get people excited about worship because its relevance has been made transparent.

Just a few of the chapters included:
Murphy the Grump
Katie and the Spirit
Brother Dave
The Trophy
Are You Going to Be Saved?

Tim Healy was ordained in 2001. He has been happily married to his wife, Christine, for 37 years. They have three children, Mike, Katie (now Sr. Gregory, at the Abbey of Regina Laudis), and Meredith, and one grandchild, Henry. Tim is a volunteer chaplain and Eucharistic Minister at Hartford Hospital, works as a facilitator with the diocesan Courage ministry, and provides communion services at life-care facilities. He has a Master of Arts in English, a Master of Business Administration, and enjoys ham radio, travel and woodworking as hobbies, as well as likes to laugh with people.