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Litanies, Prayers, And Dialogues For Lent And Easter
Craig M. Sweet
Restore Me includes a large collection of Lent and Easter season worship resources created to draw congregations into closer relationship with God.

Specific chapters for both Lent and Easter include:
Calls to worship
Common pra

Six Dramatic Dialogues For Lent
J. B. Quisenberry
It is my hope that ”Voices” brings the teachings of Jesus to life on a very basic and human level.
J. B. Quisenberry

Voices includes meaningful dialogues aimed for the Sundays of Lent, or for mid-week services during Lent. A suggested ord...

Six Dialogues For Bible Study
Marion Fairman
Woman: Paul -- how do you explain what happened -- the light and the voice?
Paul: (with spirit) I don't need any explanation!
Woman: For us in the 20th century then?
Paul: For you, then, I might say that, in some way, the limitations o