About CSS Publishing

At CSS Publishing Company, we are proud to be one of the first publishers in the United States to produce preaching and worship resources that actively utilize the Revised Common Lectionary. Since 1970, with the publishing of our first product, Children Sermon Service, CSS has been providing lectionary publishing of sermons, children’s sermons, orders of worship, prayers, illustrations, exegesis and other products important to the professional life of a pastor.  Written by pastors for pastors, the resources in our lectionary publishing program are field-tested so that those who utilize our products know that the material we publish will be well received by the person in the pew.   The lectionary resources published by CSS Publishing are written by theological scholars and pastors from many of the mainline, Protestant traditions from not only the United States but other English speaking countries around the world.

Along with thousands of sermons and other related resources in our lectionary publishing library, CSS is also well known for other preaching and worship products.  CSS has also published a wide variety of dramas, monologues, dialogue sermons, programs for youth and families, stewardship resources and bible studies, children’s sermons, wedding and funeral homilies and services, and books for worship planning. The busy pastor is sure to find many products that will aid in the preparation of the weekly sermon and many other aspects of the active minister’s life.