The Psalms Were Made For Lent
Six Lenten Sermons And Worship Services
Robert C. McCreight

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ISBN: 0788005650
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 66
The Psalms have long been recognized as a rich resource for individual spiritual enrichment and for magnificent corporate liturgical expression in the life of the church.

The Psalms Were Made For Lent provides a collection of six sermons which translate some of the deep themes inherent in the Psalms into meaningful language for the average person sitting in the congregation.

The book includes:
Six sermons based on the Psalms
Liturgical responses with each sermon (Call to Worship, Call to Confession, Prayer of Confession, Declaration of Pardon)
Three hymns based on the Psalms, which can be sung to well-known hymn tunes

Altogether this resource invites the congregation to experience the Psalms in a new and meaningful way.

From the busy and demanding life of the parish minister, Bob McCreight has brought forth a valuable contribution for use in the church year, to lift the spirits of those at worship and, not so incidentally, to lighten the ever-present demand on local clergy for useful ways in which to celebrate the faith. I commend to all clergy his work on this part of our faith's teaching, learning, and celebrating ministry.
John D. Burton, Interim Minister
The First Presbyterian Church, Red Bank, New Jersey

Robert C. McCreight has been active as a parish pastor for over two decades in a small, a middle-sized and a large congregation. Academic preparation at Muskingum College, Princeton Theological Seminary and the University of Detroit with a second master's degree in marriage and family counseling has cultivated a curiosity and a capability of engaging with the Christian gospel and helping to bring it into the daily lives of the people he serves. In addition Rev. McCreight completed a year of hospital chaplaincy in a large hospital in Denver and for the past thirteen years has been active in hospital chaplaincy. From 1982 until 1995 he was the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Toledo, Ohio. He and his wife Marianne have two daughters.