From Zero To Faith
Information Talks for Visitors
E. Dale Click

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ISBN: 078800686X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 120
Here an experienced evangelist offers a detailed account of how he introduced the Christian faith to unchurched seekers.
H. George Anderson, former Presiding Bishop
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

E. Dale Click has produced a book which is timely in its focus and creative in its execution. Designed as a series of five TALKS to be given to visitors inquiring into the beliefs and practices of the Christian, and especially Lutheran, Church, the chapters treat belief in God, scripture, sacraments, the church, and worship. In addition, the book contains a host of helpful suggestions for making the TALKS effective, based on the author's own experience teaching the course over the years. This book should be an asset to pastors concerned with evangelism in the local community, one which will inform as well as stimulate their own creative energies.
Jarvis Streeter, Associate Professor of Religion
California Lutheran University

If you've sought a tool to help group conversations about the Christian faith, you've found it. This book teaches the faith, reveals the Lord of our faith, and welcomes honest search and discovery of the meaning of faith.
James A. Rave, Bishop
Northwestern Ohio Synod, ELCA

Speaking as a lay person who chairs the evangelism committee of a congregation and who has witnessed Pastor Click giving these TALKS, I find From Zero to Faith a very practical step-by-step book for both the church and for the non-believer who is looking for information on Christianity. Any church can and should use this book to begin their own series of INFORMATION TALKS. This resourceful book is a must for every church's library.
Jeffrey H. Allwine, Entrepreneur

This pastor brings a full career of experience in evangelism to these INFORMATION TALKS FOR VISITORS. As the title suggests, he emphasizes the importance of personal contacts and lay participation. In doing so, he makes a wholesome combination of theology and practice.
Robert J. Marshall, former President
Lutheran Church in America

Labeled the architect of the United Lutheran Church in America's church-wide LUTHERAN EVANGELISM MISSION, E. Dale Click has practiced evangelism in two suburban and three downtown parishes. He is a graduate of Wittenberg University and Hamma Divinity School, Springfield, Ohio. Presently, Click serves as an evangelism consultant and lecturer-preacher across the United States and abroad.