Cosmic Witness
Commentaries On Science/Technology Themes
George L. Murphy

Price: $20.95

ISBN: 0788007246
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 184
How have preachers handled questions about science and religion? Largely by ignoring them. But many people are asking questions about the significance of the Christian message in an age of technology.

Cosmic Witness will help...
Preachers by revealing those scriptural texts where faith intersects with science and technology.
Teachers who are looking for modern illustrations to help students understand the relationship between faith and science.
All who are interested in learning more about how the Bible addresses questions about technology and religion.

This book is a genuine and rich gift to the church and its people. It opens up vast resources from scripture and the liturgy for speaking to our contemporary existence in a scientific and technological world. Not only will preaching from this commentary enrich our spiritual life, it will also challenge and deeply shape our response to the preached Word in our individual and social lives. We have been waiting for a long time to see this kind of resource for biblical preaching!
Philip Hefner
Professor of Systematic Theology
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

I find the chapters in Cosmic Witness to be very helpful in addressing the interaction of faith and contemporary scientific realities. Both faith and science find their due here in a fruitful and constructive dialogue with each other. I look forward to using this unique commentary in my teaching and preaching.
Richard A. Jensen
Professor of Homiletics
Wartburg Theological Seminary
and Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago