A Case For Excellence
Case Studies In Congregational Ministry
Glenn L. Borreson

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ISBN: 0788011820
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 173
Here are over 50 case studies of very real clergy/church situations: crises, problems, legal issues. Each one provides background to the situation, a description of the event, an analysis, and an evaluation by the person(s) involved suggesting how it might have been handled differently.

This fascinating collection of studies describes clergy life on the front lines. Pastors, seminary students, and even congregational staff and members will learn not only what those other churches have faced, but what they might encounter in the parish ... and how they might best deal with it.

The task of the pastor is one of the most complex in our society. In this book Glenn Borreson brings together a wide sample of experiences of pastors -- experiences they have used as the basis for learning their craft. Here you can explore the work of the pastor -- its dilemmas, its opportunities -- and get clues to how the work of the pastorate may be strengthened.
Dr. Loren B. Mead
Founder, The Alban Institute
Washington, D.C.

Glenn L. Borreson is pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church, Mauston, Wisconsin. He is the author of A Taste Of God's Tomorrow (CSS Publishing Company) and has been published widely in such periodicals as Christian Ministry, Dialog, and Word and World. He is a Fellow in the Academy of Parish Clergy and has served as its president. Borreson earned the Master of Theology degree from Lutheran Seminary, St Paul, Minnesota.